Fire in the Belly

FIRE IN THE BELLY is not about business plans or spreadsheets. It is about blissful ignorance, deeply held values, running scared, going for broke, stubborn pride, not taking no for an answer and a dozen other character flaws that go directly to the heart of what it is to survive and succeed in business here in Humboldt County.

At FIRE IN THE BELLY events, local business leaders tell stories of passion, persistence, and pure dumb luck. Come to listen to them tell it like it was and is. You'll hear the unvarnished truth as to how they did it, often despite themselves, and why.
You'll laugh, you'll cry, and by all means you will be uplifted and inspired.

If you'd like to share your hard-earned experiences by telling stories of your business venture with other members of the audience --- the start up struggles, your favorite failure, out of control growth, biggest surprises, contact We will also post videos on this website of local entrepreneurs telling their stories.

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